Acceptance and Unit Tests

These tests must be run from inside the vagrant box.:

$ vagrant ssh
vagrant@zmon:~$ cd /vagrant/vagrant/
vagrant@zmon:/vagrant/vagrant$ sudo ./test.sh

An example output of the previous command can look similar to this:

Starting Xvfb...
[13:36:12] Using gulpfile /vagrant/zmon-controller/src/main/webapp/gulpfile.js
[13:36:12] Starting 'test'...
Starting selenium standalone server...
Selenium standalone server started at
Testing dashboard features
  should display the search form - pass

Finished in 3.24 seconds
1 test, 1 assertion, 0 failures

Shutting down selenium standalone server.
[13:36:22] Finished 'test' after 10 s

Only one single acceptance test and no unit tests are provided so far. This is still a work in progress.