Command Line Client

The command line client makes your life easier when interacting with the REST API. The ZMON scheduler will refresh modified data (checks, alerts, entities every 60 seconds).


pip3 install --upgrade zmon-cli


Configure your zmon cli by running configure-

zmon configure


ZMON CLI tool must authenticate against ZMON. Internally it uses zign to obtain access token, but you can override that behaviour by exporting a variable ZMON_TOKEN.

export ZMON_TOKEN=myfancytoken

If you are using github for authentication, have an unprivileged personal access token ready.


Create or update

Pushing entities with the zmon cli is as easy as:

zmon entities push \

Existing entities with the same ID will be updated.

The client however also supports loading data from .json and .yaml files, both may contain a list for creating/updating many entities at once.

zmon entities push your-entities.yaml


Creating an entity of type GLOBAL is not allowed. GLOBAL as an entity type is reserved for ZMON’s internal use.


All commands and subcommands can be abbreviated, i.e. the following lines are equivalent:

$ zmon entities push my-data.yaml
$ zmon ent pu my-data.yaml

Search and filter

Show all entities:

zmon entities

Filter by type “instance”

zmon entities filter type instance

Check Definitions


When starting from scratch use:

zmon check-definition init your-new-check.yaml


Retrieve an existing check defintion as YAML.

zmon check-definition get 1234

Create and Update

Create or update from file, existing check with same “owning_team” and “name” will be updated.

zmon check-definition update your-check.yaml

Alert Definitions

Similar to check defintions you can also manage your alert definitions via the ZMON cli.

Keep in mind that for alerts the same constraints apply as in the UI. For creating/modifying an alert you need to be a member of the team selected for “team” (unlike the responsible team).


zmon alert-definition init your-new-alert.yaml


zmon alert-definition create your-new-alert.yaml


zmon alert-definition get 1999


zmon alert-definition update host-load-5.yaml