Read-only access to memcached servers is provided by the memcached() function.

memcached([][, port=11211])

Returns a connection to the Memcached server at <host>:<port>, where <host> is the value of the current entity’s host attribute, and <port> is the given port (default 11211). See below for a list of methods provided by the returned connection object.

Methods of the Memcached Connection

The object returned by the memcached() function provides the following methods:


Returns the string stored at key. If key does not exist an error is raised.


Returns the data of the key as unserialized JSON data. I.e. you can store a JSON object as value of the key and get a dict back

stats([extra_keys=[STR, STR])

Returns a dict with general Memcached statistics such as memory usage and operations/s. All values are extracted using the Memcached STATS command.

The extra_keys may be retrieved as returned as well from the memcached server’s stats command, e.g. version or uptime.

Example result:

    "incr_hits_per_sec": 0,
    "incr_misses_per_sec": 0,
    "touch_misses_per_sec": 0,
    "decr_misses_per_sec": 0,
    "touch_hits_per_sec": 0,
    "get_expired_per_sec": 0,
    "get_hits_per_sec": 100.01,
    "cmd_get_per_sec": 119.98,
    "cas_hits_per_sec": 0,
    "cas_badval_per_sec": 0,
    "delete_misses_per_sec": 0,
    "bytes_read_per_sec": 6571.76,
    "auth_errors_per_sec": 0,
    "cmd_set_per_sec": 19.97,
    "bytes_written_per_sec": 6309.17,
    "get_flushed_per_sec": 0,
    "delete_hits_per_sec": 0,
    "cmd_flush_per_sec": 0,
    "curr_items": 37217768,
    "decr_hits_per_sec": 0,
    "connections_per_sec": 0.02,
    "cas_misses_per_sec": 0,
    "cmd_touch_per_sec": 0,
    "bytes": 3902170728,
    "evictions_per_sec": 0,
    "auth_cmds_per_sec": 0,
    "get_misses_per_sec": 19.97