Send email notifications.

send_mail(subject=None, cc=None, html=False, hide_recipients=True, include_value=True, include_definition=True, include_captures=True, include_entity=True, per_entity=True)

Send email notification.

  • subject (str or unicode or None) – Email subject. You must use a unicode string (e.g. u’äöüß’) if you have non-ASCII characters in there. If None, the alert name will be used.
  • cc (list) – List of CC recipients.
  • html (bool) – HTML email.
  • hide_recipients (bool) – Hide recipients. Will be sent as BCC.
  • include_value (bool) – Include alert value in notification message.
  • include_definition (bool) – Include alert definition details in notification message.
  • include_captures (bool) – Include alert captures in message.
  • include_entity (bool) – Include affected entities in notification message.
  • per_entity (bool) – Send new email notification per entity. Default is True.


send_email is an alias for this notification function.