Notify Opsgenie of a new alert status. If alert is active, then a new opsgenie alert will be created. If alert is inactive then the alert will be closed.

notify_opsgenie(message='', teams=None, per_entity=False, priority=None, include_alert=True, description='', **kwargs)

Send notifications to Opsgenie.

  • message (str) – Alert message. If empty, then a message will be generated from the alert data.
  • teams (str | list) – Opsgenie teams to be notified. Value can be a single team or a list of teams.
  • per_entity (bool) – Send new alert per entity. This affects the alias value and impacts how de-duplication is handled in Opsgenie. Default is False.
  • priority (str) – Set Opsgenie priority for this notification. Valid values are P1, P2, P3, P4 or P5.
  • include_alert (bool) – Include alert data in alert body details. Default is True.
  • include_captures (bool) – Include captures data in alert body details. Default is False.
  • description (str) – An optional description. If present, this is inserted into the opsgenie alert description field.


notify_opsgenie(teams=['zmon', 'ops'], message='Number of failed requests is too high!', include_alert=True)


If priority is not set, then ZMON will set the priority according to the alert priority.