Notify Pagerduty of a new alert status. If alert is active, then a new pagerduty incident with type trigger will be sent. If alert is inactive then incident type will be updated to resolve.


Pagerduty notification plugin uses API v2.

notify_pagerduty(message='', per_entity=False, include_alert=True, routing_key=None, alert_class=None, alert_group=None, **kwargs)

Send notifications to Pagerduty.

  • message (str) – Incident message. If empty, then a message will be generated from the alert data.
  • per_entity (bool) – Send new alert per entity. This affects the dedup_key value and impacts how de-duplication is handled in Pagerduty. Default is False.
  • include_alert (bool) – Include alert data in incident payload custom_details. Default is True.
  • routing_key (str) – Pagerduty service routing_key. If not specified, then the service key configured for the worker will be used.
  • alert_class (str) – Set the Pagerduty incident class.
  • alert_group (str) – Set the Pagerduty incident group.


notify_pagerduty(message='Number of failed requests is too high!', include_alert=True, alert_class='API health', alert_group='production')